April 10, 2013

The Road Less Traveled

The Reading Guy and I (being the Texans that we are)
happen to take long road trips in stride and don't usually 
let the thought of driving hundreds of miles get in the way of 
venturing out--in Texas it's kinda' par for the course...

But here in Europe, the idea of driving long distances to get where
you gotta go is all but foreign. And because discount airlines and high
speed trains make it difficult to argue in favor of ACTUALLY DRIVING
around Europe, doing so is very much like taking the proverbial
road less traveled...

But my Sweets and I found a great deal on a rental car-- 
the ever elusive AUTOMATIC rental car, no less--
and we decided last minute to map out an
adventure and drive ourselves there...

 So we first hitched a bus to Biarrtiz, France where we
picked up our convertible Fiat---seriously, SO FUN...

Once we were all packed in

And sufficiently acquainted with the quirks of the European
version of a "fully automatic" car, we began the five hour
drive to Aix en Provence, where we would be resting for the
night ahead of our days on the Cote d' Azur...

We had the most wonderful time on the drive
(both on the way there and the return as well)!
We had sun, we had rain, even a little snow,
and a rainbow or two...

You might be pleased to know that even the otherwise perfect
French countryside has a traffic jam every once in a while...

And there was just so much to take in on the way to our ultimate
destinations, that we couldn't be happier that we decided to make
our way to the coast by driving through just about everywhere else...

We tuned in to local radio stations to pass the time
(only to find that the French seem to enjoy rotating
will. i. am hits as much as the next person)...

And we eventually learned to work the toll booths like locals...

Before we knew it, we were getting closer and closer
to the first stop on our tour, but more on that soon...

So, what do ya' think? Would you be up to driving
across France, too? We are sure glad that we did!

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  1. So glad to hear how much you are enjoying the beauty of France!!! Can't wait to see more!! Godspeed


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