April 1, 2013

Road Prep.

It won't be long now before we're heading out to the
dreamy French Riviera and neighboring Provence.
But before we go, we've had some prepping to do:
like mapping out what is sure to be a memorable
drive through the beautiful French countryside...

And we've been brushing up on our French 
speaking skills, too! We are taking a few handy
 notes along with us to make sure that we don't sound
 terribly ridiculous when asking for directions or the 
price of something too cute to leave behind...

And of course there is the requisite packing madness that 
seems to rear its ugly head in the wait of any trip we venture on.
Trying to manage six days of fashion fit for the fabulous likes of 
Cannes, Nice, and Monte Carlo into a shared tiny carry on is no easy feat...

But I take solace in the fact that there's a good chance it'll all
be covered up anyway by a not-so glamorous goose-down
parka--as we are kinda' still in winter mode throughout
the EU. Here's hopin' the sun might come out to play
every once in a while, though!



  1. You are beautiful already, worry less about your wardrobe packing and leave more room for absorbing the beauty that surrounds you........what would Coelho advise? MJE


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