April 14, 2013

Nice Rocks

Once we started spotting palm trees along the highway
we knew that the Cote d' Azur wouldn't be far away, 
which could really mean only one thing--

THE TOP OF OUR FIAT, of course--
(wait?! who's top did you think I was talkin' about?)
I mean we HAD rented a convertible after all, 
and Nice, France marked the inauguration of
our actually USING IT...

The sun was out in all its glory for our arrival in Nice
and we enjoyed every minute of our time there basking in it.
But almost as soon as we had hit the beach, there was something
in particular that I must admit I was not expecting to find on the
Cote d' Azur--ROCKS!
And lots of 'em...

In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a sandy beach in all 
of Nice! And you might even be more surprised to know just 
how much work goes in to the maintenance of this gorgeous 
city's peculiar coastal landscape...

I don't know about you, but I sure can't remember 
ever having seen an ACTUAL dump truck on the beach?

Or a backhoe for that matter
(and yes, I totally googled that)?

But I must say, that the largest of the rocks in 
Nice do provide for the loveliest of lunch settings!
My sweets and I enjoyed a homemade veggie 
sandwich as we listened to the water crashing 
in just under us...

The view wasn't too shabby either--
and it's easy to see why I've personally declared this
simple, perfect, peaceful lunch with my Sweetheart 
the very best meal I have ever had...

 And while we were sitting there, I couldn't help but 
imagine that the Mediterranean sea Gods had long since
 taken a special pride in sprinkling some kind of magical 
glitter all along the coast of Nice,
because the water quite literally glistens...

So, what do you think of Nice so far?
Would you make the trip, too?
Or maybe you already have--what was your takeaway?
I'll be back soon with a look at more of Nice--
there's more to it than rocks, ya' know!


  1. Love the glistening! What is the water temp? MJE

  2. Looks like a place where you could fall in love all over again


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