March 29, 2013

Road Trip

A few days ago, when I found out that my Sweets had planned
a little 'Semana Santa' escape for just the two of us, I was SO excited--
to say the least! In only a few days we'll be off to the Cote d'Azur,
happily making our way through the Pyrenees and beautiful Provence
in the comfort of a teeny tiny car with an ever trusty map in hand...

We have never visited this particular region of France, so this surprise
is like a triple treat for me. And I think it goes without saying that I am
personally uber-happy to finally be learning the ins and
outs of the provencal design aesthetic first hand...

We'll be back with all the fun in pictures in a little more than a week--
au revoir mes amis!


  1. Oh, that courtyard with the pool ~ AMAZING!

  2. First hand at provencial design, absorb every bit you can!!! MJE


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