March 18, 2013

Renter's Dilemma

Our home away from home here in San Sebastian is quite
the little diamond in the rough, because while this beautiful
coastal town may be home to countless wonderful things, accessible
real estate is not one of them. Ultimately, we were really lucky to have
found our current piso and we quickly fell in love with its simplicity,
beautiful light and of course its location...

Almost as soon as we had moved in, I was itching to inject a little
of OUR style into our tiny piso, but just couldn't seem to justify 
spending a pretty penny on making over a space that wasn't
even OURS to keep--that so-called

So, on our most recent return to Spain, I decided to bring along 
less clothes and more bed linens to see if we could spruce 
up the place without having to empty our wallets! I filled a
huge suitcase with all sorts of goodies that we had lying
around our Texas home, and once in S.S. I started the
bedroom makeover I had long been so anxious to take on...

And I thought you might like to see the mini-transformation!
So, here is the realtor's picture of our bedroom 
BEFORE I could get my hands on it
(not terrible, just not my cup of tea)...

And this is the after.
I am really quite happy with the result, especially
considering the obvious limitations at hand:

Like no carpentry workshop to build a bed
and/or some night stands in. So, I perched the existing
bed frame up on bed risers, hung a tablecloth at the
head of the bed, and bought these two perfect side
tables on clearance at a local store (they even fold up to
fit perfectly in our suitcase, so we can take them with us
where ever we might go)...

There are also no TJMaxx/Home Goods/Marshalls
to go running to in search of affordable and adorable
accessories. So, I bought two canvases for less that 15 Euro
 and whipped up some simple paintings.  Then I used a
few baskets from the Spanish equivalent of the dollar store
to give my Sweetheart a place to rest all of his gadgets. ..

It goes without saying that painting the walls was
not an option for us. So, I just tried to make the bed
the focal point of the room...

I incorporated a good mix of fabrics and
textures using all shapes and sizes of pillows
(some from our Texas home and others from Zara home)...

And now I am kinda' tempted to lay in bed all day!

Well not really! After all, here in San Sebastian, 
the most beautiful things are just OUTSIDE
of our door, not behind it...

Thanks for stoppin' in!
See you again really soon

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  1. Love this post!! And, you the queen of resourceful, great job at the makeover. Love you

  2. When will you be in the states long enough to leave a bit of your "touch" in my home????? It would be a wonderful, wonderful thing for me!!!! MJE


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